Basic information and current topics regarding Flaviviridae


The taxonomy of any virus is not easily decided upon. Many scientists leave taxonomy conferences with livid battle scars–a testimony to how difficult the classification of viruses is. Since the age of genome-wide sequencing, however, many researchers can settle on a classification based upon the percent deviation from other known species. Many of these species represent ‘guidelines’ to how a member’s genome should appear–as genetic drift creates significant differences in any virus studied.

As you look at this list, try to note the lack of standardized nomenclature, important species (in bold), and the vast array of unclassified viruses.

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o Aroa virus

Bussuquara virus

Iguape virus

Naranjal virus

o Dengue virus group

o Dengue virus

Dengue virus 1

Dengue virus 2

Dengue virus 3

Dengue virus 4

o Japanese encephalitis virus group

o Japanese encephalitis virus

Japanese encephalitis virus strain JAOARS982

Japanese encephalitis virus strain Nakayama

Japanese encephalitis virus strain SA(V)

Japanese encephalitis virus strain SA-14

Koutango virus

o Murray Valley encephalitis virus

Alfuy virus

Murray valley encephalitis virus (strain MVE-1-51)

o St. Louis encephalitis virus

St. Louis encephalitis virus (strain MS1-7)

Usutu virus

o West Nile virus

Kunjin virus

West Nile virus crow/New York/3356/2000

West Nile virus H442

West Nile virus SA381/00

West Nile virus SA93/01

West Nile virus SPU116/89

West Nile virus strain 385-99

West Nile virus strain PT5.2

West Nile virus strain PT6.16

West Nile virus strain PT6.39

West Nile virus strain PT6.5

West Nile virus strain PTRoxo

o Kokobera virus group

o Kokobera virus

New Mapoon virus

Stratford virus

o unclassified Kokobera virus group

CY1014 virus

o Modoc virus group

Cowbone Ridge virus

Jutiapa virus

Modoc virus

Sal Vieja virus

San Perlita virus

o mosquito-borne viruses

o Ilheus virus

Rocio virus

Sepik virus

o Ntaya virus group

Bagaza virus

Israel turkey meningoencephalomyelitis virus

Ntaya virus

o Tembusu virus

Sitiawan virus

Yokose virus

o Rio Bravo virus group

Apoi virus

Bukalasa bat virus

Carey Island virus

Dakar bat virus

Entebbe bat virus

Rio Bravo virus

o Saboya virus

Potiskum virus

o Seaborne tick-borne virus group

Meaban virus

Saumarez Reef virus

Tyuleniy virus

o Spondweni virus group

o Zika virus

Spondweni virus

o tick-borne encephalitis virus group

o Kyasanur forest disease virus

Alkhurma hemorrhagic fever virus

o Langat virus

Langat virus (strain TP21)

Langat virus (strain Yelantsev)

o Louping ill virus

Louping ill virus (strain 31)

Louping ill virus (strain K)

Louping ill virus (strain Negishi 3248/49/P10)

Louping ill virus (strain Norway)

Louping ill virus (strain SB 526)

Omsk hemorrhagic fever virus

Phnom Penh bat virus

o Powassan virus

Deer tick virus

Tick-borne powassan virus (strain lb)

o Royal Farm virus

Karshi virus

o Tick-borne encephalitis virus

Kumlinge virus

Negishi virus

Tick-borne encephalitis virus (strain HYPR)

Tick-borne encephalitis virus (STRAIN SOFJIN)

Tick-borne encephalitis virus (WESTERN SUBTYPE)

Turkish sheep encephalitis virus

Yaounde virus

o Yellow fever virus group

Banzi virus

Bouboui virus

Edge Hill virus

Uganda S virus

Wesselsbron virus

o Yellow fever virus

Yellow fever virus 17D

Yellow fever virus 1899/81

Yellow fever virus isolate Angola/14FA/1971

Yellow fever virus isolate Ethiopia/Couma/1961

Yellow fever virus isolate Ivory Coast/1999

Yellow fever virus isolate Ivory Coast/85-82H/1982

Yellow fever virus isolate Uganda/A7094A4/1948

Yellow fever virus strain French neurotropic vaccine

Yellow fever virus strain Ghana/Asibi/1927

Yellow fever virus Trinidad/79A/1979

o unclassified Flavivirus

Aedes flavivirus

Batu Cave virus

Cacipacore virus

Calbertado virus

Cell fusing agent virus

Chaoyang virus

Chimeric Tick-borne encephalitis virus/Dengue virus 4

Culex flavivirus

Culex theileri flavivirus PoMoFlav_A131

Culicinae flavivirus PoMoFlav_A103

Culicinae flavivirus PoMoFlav_A126

Culicinae flavivirus PoMoFlav_A128

Culicinae flavivirus PoMoFlav_A136

Culicinae flavivirus PoMoFlav_A153

Culicinae flavivirus PoMoFlav_A155

Culicinae flavivirus PoMoFlav_A163

Culicinae flavivirus PoMoFlav_A91

Culicinae flavivirus PoMoFlav_A95

Flavivirus Aedes/MO-Ac/ITA/2009

Flavivirus Anopheles/PV-Am/ITA/2009

Flavivirus CbaAr4001

Flavivirus FSME

Gadgets Gully virus

Greek goat encephalitis virus

Jugra virus

Kadam virus

Kamiti River virus

Kedougou virus

Montana myotis leukoencephalitis virus

Mosquito flavivirus

Ngoye virus

Nounane virus

Phlebotomus flavivirus Alg_F19

Phlebotomus flavivirus Alg_F8

Quang Binh virus

Russian Spring-Summer encephalitis virus

Sokoluk virus

Spanish sheep encephalitis virus

T’Ho virus

Tai forest virus B31

Tamana bat virus

Tick-borne flavivirus

Wang Thong virus

Flavivirus sp.

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