Basic information and current topics regarding Flaviviridae

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Resources for Current Research and Information on Flaviviridae and Flaviviruses

This blog is dedicated to providing  everything you could want to know about Flaviviridae–and then some!

As you might have noticed, this ‘blog’ is setup to emulate the feel of a website-format. Although you can still subscribe to this blog and its posts, the information provided here is not exactly event-driven and will likely not be appended to in the future. This, of course, excludes the pages regarding current research–these pages will be updated on a regular basis in order to contain the latest-and-greatest of the Flavivirus world.

If you are unfamiliar with the field of Virology, be warned that terminology is used repeatedly without definition. Wikipedia will serve you well if you are investigating Flaviviridae without a solid foundation in biology. For most, however, the ideas and terms presented in the General Flavivirus Info section will not be overwhelming.

The general info section is divided into several sub-sections:

  • Medical Relevance:  This page looks at Flaviviruses strictly on a symptomatic and epidemic level
  • Taxonomy: A short list of the taxonomy of Flaviviruses, mostly to show how they are grouped. There are much more developed resources for the taxonomy of viruses on the web.
  • Virus Life-cycle and Transmission: This section contains everything which is a Flavivirus. Stages are explained from the attachment to the exiting from the host. Transmission of infections here can be asymptomatic and not harmful to the host throughout the life-cycle. This is a good place to start before jumping into the research articles.